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Anatomy of a strategy

Dissecting 'strategy' so that we can create a strategy1 min read

CICD for architecture

Elevating continuous integration and deployment to the architectural level1 min read

Consequences of the metaverse

Exploring the intentional and unintentional consequences of the metaverse1 min read

Discovery emphasis

Emphasising on discovery when defining a strategy1 min read

Eisenhower matrix

Navigating tech leadership pressures with the eisenhower matrix1 min read

Integrating the metaverse

Exploring why decentralised integration is key to the metaverse1 min read

Engineering for safety

Making safety part of the engineering culture1 min read

Engineering team API

Empowering the team and giving them identity with an API1 min read

Horizontally scale your impact

Using technology to horizontally scale your impact1 min read

KanBan team sync

Using KanBan to create a more inclusive and useful team sync1 min read

Pair leadership

Applying pair programming principles to lead the organisation1 min read

Personal strategy

Exploring how one might define their own strategy1 min read

Scale with starter kits

Scaling with consistency using starter kits1 min read

Sketching architecture

Sketching architecture to empower engineers1 min read

Progressive architecture

Creating a progressive architecture from experimental to scale1 min read

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